Everything you need to manage customer relationships.

Jumbo Customer is included in the suite of Powered by Jumbo products.It intergrates will all of your existing tools and makes it easy to manage your customer data.

Access all of your customer data in one place.

Jumbo Customer is a single customer view to understand past and present customer actions. You own all the data, we just handle all the complexity of storing it to ensure data integrity. Having this data at your fingertips enables your Customer Support team expertly handle any query. Your are also better equipped to manage fraud and resposible gambling.

All Features

Everything you need to turn new customers into engaged ones.


All data in one place

Having all your customer data in the one place makes it easy to monitor, analyse and optimise.


Manage Responsible Gambling

Identify customers at risk, block problem gamblers from playing, and meet legal requirements.


ID Verify your Customers

Handle ID checking automatically. Prevent fraud and make sure your customers are who they say they are.



Export reports to measure sales over time or share with others. Export customer data for analysis.


3rd Party Integration

Easily integrate with your existing business tools, including marketing and analytics platforms such as Google Analytics to customer support tools such as Zendesk.