The marketing tool built for lotteries

Marketing tools built from the ground up with an understanding of lottery products, and the teams marketing them. Extract intelligence from your existing sales activities, respond automatically to new jackpots and draw cycles, then trigger dynamic, personalised campaigns across multiple touch points.

Give a personalised experience!

Close the gap between you and your customers by analysing past behaviours. Use this data to tailor the next message to promote the products they are most likely to purchase.

All Features

Everything you need to turn to new customers into loyal customers.


On-site placements

As customers are using your website or app, use customer data to personalise their experience and show them the most relevant tickets or products.


Email Messages

Send all your emails via Jumbo Marketing. It integrates with every tool meaning there's no need ofr a third party tool.


Push Notifications

Send tailored notifications to encourage customers re-engage with your website or app.


Message Builder

Complete flexibility and freedom to build your own emails. Our use one of our templates!


Auto Messages

Automate your messaging by setting up trigger based campaigns. You can link campaigns to goals and create multiple steps based on user actions.


Customer Segments

Advanced customer targeting allows you to set up rules so you always send the right message to the right customer.


A/B Testing

Split test any part of your messaging.Set up two or more variants per message to test which one performs best.


Custom message goals

Each message can be linked to a goal for quick feedback and reporting. Not all goals are purchases so you can set up custom goals for unique events.


Real time reporting

Instant feedback on campaigns helps you to fine tune your communication strategies. Easily exports reports to measure performance over time or share with others.